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Robots will steal jobs, Amazon company will make 10 thousand employees sit at home

New Delhi: E-commerce company Amazon will make nearly 10,000 employees stay home from next week. According to the total number of employees of the company, this number is equal to 1 percent. These staff cuts are shocking. Because, now the need of manpower is ending, this is warning. In fact, according to Amazon, the company has decided to use a robotic system. This will not require much manpower. According to the company, Amazon will install the robotic system in the coming days. Which will do the work of product packaging and delivery.

The biggest layoff in Amazon’s history
The job cuts are the largest in Amazon’s history. This has been revealed in a New York Times report. The report claims that the company will focus on the device unit. It includes retail division and human resources along with vice assistant Alexa. As of last year, the company had a total of 1.6 million full-time and part-time employees. But, the company has now stopped new recruitment.

According to Amazon, the company will be working with robotic assistance. According to the company, the robot will work at a lower cost. According to the company, this cost is less compared to the cost of manpower salaries. Three-quarters of Amazon’s packets will be delivered by robotic systems. According to Ty Brody, Chief of Amazon Robotics, packaging will be 100 percent robotic in the next five years. Due to this, many people may lose their jobs in the coming days.

Mass layoffs at tech companies
Amazon has already made massive job cuts at Meta and Twitter. Also, the rest of the tech companies are also preparing to reduce employees.

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