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Robots will replace humans! But this world can be dangerous, know the opinion of experts

New Delhi. Technology brings many benefits in itself, but there are some size effects as well. These days the world of technology is changing rapidly. By shifting from Web 2.0 of the old Internet, we are entering the world of Web 3, where Internet and AI will dominate. Machine like robots and artificial intelligence based devices will work in this world. How nice to hear all this. But do you know it has many challenges. Let’s know about it in detail..

disadvantages of internet
At present, internet is present everywhere. Although it has some drawbacks of its own. The entry of the Internet has raised concerns about data privacy, censorship, and the potential for exploitation and abuse of the power of artificial intelligence. Talking about users’ data, now there is a lot of pressure on companies regarding privacy and safety. However, users must ensure that they choose wisely which online service to use, which is less risky to use. This is because the spread of internet will increase in the coming days. In such a situation, we should be cautious about the use of internet right now.

Drawbacks of Web 2.0
Although it is not that there is a danger that we should not shift to Web 3. Because there are shortcomings in Web 2.0 technology as well. User data can also be hacked in Web 2.0 technology. In this, hacking can be done by entering wrong code during media file or any communication. In such a situation, users will have to shift to other technology. Many options are coming out for this, which are great for user safety.

Why is Web3 needed?
Web3 Internet is essential for us, because Web 3 based platform and applications are durable and secure with less power consumption. Blockchain technology is part of Web3, which moves companies away from legacy server-based computing. Also cuts power consumption and carbon emissions, thereby reducing costs for companies. This helps in decentralizing the platform. For example, blockchain-based banking platforms facilitate peer-to-peer transactions.

Censorship can be reduced by using Web3. Means government control will be less. By decentralizing the web, users can work without any control. Web3 can provide a privacy alternative to existing centralized social media platforms.

But.. what are the legal challenges?
There are many legal challenges to the use of Web 3. This includes copyright, licensing and money laundering. There is a controversy regarding the same NFT. This is because of the ‘ownership’ of tokens and the purchase of tokens. There is an urgent need to address these issues.

Misuse and money laundering of digital assets has also been a point of contention. It is unclear whether NFTs are considered ‘property’ under the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

The third NFT is related to real estate. In such a situation, there is a possibility of making a law regarding this. If this does not happen, then it will become a cause of dispute in the future.

Unique digital assets can be willed like real estate. Virtual land, cryptocurrency, and NFTs are treated like property and can be passed on in a will. But the challenge for these digital assets is that their identity and transfer case is absolutely clear.

last and important question
Who is in control of Web 3? No single entity can control the decentralized internet. For example, cryptocurrencies are usually governed by consensus and require participants to follow certain rules. However, questions are being raised about the legal action that will be taken against the violation of the rules.


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