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Robots will deliver food at home, Uber Eats started new service

Uber Eats has now started its robot delivery service in Miami as well. Under this service, some special delivery robots deliver the food orders to the fixed location of the people. Starting Thursday, some Miami residents can have their Uber Eats orders delivered to them by an autonomous little robot, according to a partnership between the ride-hailing company and robotics firm Cartken.

Uber to CNN shared In-app screenshots show that the new service will send customers alerts when their orders are out for delivery, as well as when they’ll receive that order from a robot on the sidewalk. To protect the order from tampering or external elements, it can only be unlocked by the customer who placed the order using their phone.

In addition, there will also be an opt-out option for customers who prefer to receive their items by courier.

According to Cartken’s website, the company’s six-wheeled robots are equipped with multiple sensors and cameras to help them avoid collisions and easily navigate along fixed paths and reach locations. Delivery robots can work from home as well as outside.

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The report suggests that the food delivery option will initially be available in the Dadeland area of ​​Miami-Dade County, with plans to expand to the entire county and additional cities over the next year.



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