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Robot Rain Coat has arrived, as soon as it rains, it gets fit on the body itself

New Delhi. It is raining heavily all over North India including Delhi. Due to the rain, the weather has also taken a sudden turn. Rain Coat is also needed a lot during the rainy season. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for many people to suddenly wear a rain coat. Today we are going to tell you about Smart Rain Coat. It automatically fits on your body and at the same time its price is also very less.

Smart Rain Coat connects to the mobile. When it rains, it has an auto zip at the front. Which automatically closes when it rains. But for this you have to give commands from the mobile app. After giving commands from the mobile app, it automatically fits on the whole body. This is such a Rain Coat, it has also been launched. But it has not been launched in India. There are many such rain coats available in the Chinese market.

In China, these rain coats are named Robotics. You just have to wear it. If there is no rain, it automatically opens from the front side. Also, as soon as the rain starts, this Rain Coat itself closes. Children of In Rain Coat, was also launched for women. Also it can be bought online in China. Bag space is also provided in this rain coat for children. The cost of these rain coats in Indian Rupees ranges between Rs 400-1000.

Similar Rain Shoes have also been launched in China. These shoes can be worn in case of rain. Also, these shoes can also be connected to the mobile app. These shoes can be automatically tightened and loosed once connected to the mobile app. These shoes are made of PVC/Polyester material. Known as Umbrella Shoes, these shoes are also in high demand in China.

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