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Robot became the CEO of the company, market value reached 9 thousand crores, shares rose 10 percent in 6 months


Robots are playing an important role in our life.
They are being used in almost every field.
The Chinese company even made a robot its CEO.

New Delhi. Robots have made our life a lot easier. With their help, we do many of our tasks easily. These days artificial intelligence powered humanoid robots have also started coming, which are surprising everyone with their ability. But have you ever thought that someday a robot can also become the CEO of a company? No, no, but a Chinese company has done something similar. In fact, China’s Metaverse company Netdragon Websoft appointed a humanoid robot based on Artificial Intelligence as its boss. Not only this, the company’s business has also increased after making Robot the CEO.

According to the information, in August 2022, the company had announced to make AI powered virtual humanoid robot the CEO of its subsidiary company. Please tell that the name of this robot is Tang Yu. According to a report by Google Finance, the company’s shares have gained 10 percent in the last six months. With this, the value of these shares has reached $1.1 billion.

Shares increased by 10 percent
If you are thinking that the rise in the shares of the company that made the robot CEO would have come suddenly or for a day or two, then it is not so. The stock of the company has gained more than 10 percent in the last 6 months. And NetDragon’s value reached $1.1 billion.

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will get better workplace
While making the robot CEO in August last year, the company had argued that the robot would provide a better and efficient workplace for all employees. NetDragon Chairman Dejian Liu then said that he believed AI was the future of corporate management. Appointing Tang Yu as our CEO reflects the way we operate.

ChatGPT came recently
Let us tell you that recently OpenAI had introduced its chatbot ChatGPT. Since its launch, it has remained in discussions due to its exploits. It has passed different tests. People are using it from love letter to complaining. ChatGPT is being used in almost every field.


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