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Robodog Spot began patrolling the ancient ruins of Pompeii

Multifunctional robot dog Spot, owned by Boston Dynamics, has begun patrolling the ancient ruins of the city of Pompeii. In recent years, the company has been able to adapt the robot to perform tasks ranging from working on an oil rig to herding sheep in New Zealand.


Robops was bought by Gabriel Zuchtrigel, the new director of the Pompeii archaeological site. According to him, Spot will explore tunnels previously used by intruders to steal from the city. Zuchtrigel believes the robot is small enough and agile enough to handle autonomous 3D scanning of tunnels and prevent their structural integrity.

“Technological advances in the world of robotics and so-called autonomous systems have led to solutions and innovations usually associated with the industrial and manufacturing world, but which have not yet found application in archaeological excavations due to the heterogeneity of environmental conditions and the size of its sites,” — Zuchtrigel said in a statement announcing the deployment of Spot.


Spot will also work with the Leica BLK2FLY standalone 3D scanning drone. The two devices will work in tandem to monitor damage caused by visitors, as well as any change to the ruins that could signal the need for restoration.

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