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RO Tips: Unlocking the Secret Behind RO Water Purification, The Ultimate Guide to RO Filters: What You Need to Know

RO Tips: Usually three filters are provided in RO. With the help of these filters, dust and dirt are separated from the water. You must have often seen that there is a cylinder like part outside the RO where there is water connection.

RO Tips: Nowadays, RO systems are being installed in most households to purify drinking water. In many cities, RO systems are used to make saltwater drinkable at home. Have you ever wondered how water is purified and made safe to drink using RO systems? If you haven’t, don’t worry. We’ll explain it to you.

RO systems use various filters, membranes, and UV lights to purify water. Water passes through these components to become clear and potable. Let’s delve into detail about the steps involved in purifying water using these components.

  1. Use of filters in RO: RO systems typically come with three filters. These filters help remove dust and dirt particles from the water. You may have noticed a cylindrical part outside the RO system where the water connection is made. This is where the first filter is located, which needs to be replaced every three months. After this, two more filters are used to further refine the water.
  2. Use of Membrane: In addition to the standard filters, RO systems also contain a membrane. This membrane consists of very fine filters that separate salt from saltwater, making the water potable. The membrane in an RO system can last for about a year. If the membrane gets damaged, the taste of the water may change.
  3. Use of UV light technology: The UV light technology, also known as ultraviolet technology, is used in the final stage of water purification in an RO system. This process eliminates germs present in the water, ensuring that the water you drink is completely pure and has no harmful effects on your body. A special chamber with ultraviolet lighting is used for this process. While ultraviolet light can be harmful to the body and skin, it effectively kills bacteria in water, ensuring its purity.
  4. Alkaline water purifiers: In addition to standard RO systems, alkaline water purifiers are becoming increasingly popular. These purifiers not only filter water but also enhance its taste. They use filtration, ion exchange, and UV sterilization technology to remove chlorine, lead, and other impurities from water. Additionally, they improve the pH level of water, which aids digestion and boosts immune function.


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