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Risk of misuse of 5G network in drug smuggling and money laundering

The high-speed 5G telecom network launched in the country last year is suspected to be misused for crimes like drug smuggling, money laundering and terror financing. This can be helpful for middlemen and agents in such crimes. This apprehension has been expressed in the papers submitted by some senior police officers in the recently concluded conference of the Director General of Police (DGP) and Inspector General of Police (IGP) of the states. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also participated in this conference.

in these papers Told It has been said that 5G network is built on easily accessible and open internet protocols and it has all the shortcomings of previous telecom networks, which can make it a victim of cyber attack and it will be a risk for the security of the entire system. The IPS officers who authored the papers suggested a reserve 5G bandwidth and more secure equipment for sensitive communications of the government and for military use. Along with this, it has been said that only authorized firms having minimum cyber risk or maximum safety protocols should be allowed to work for government agencies.

Apart from the Prime Minister, Home Minister Amit Shah, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and about 350 senior police officers participated in this three-day conference held last week. According to the papers submitted, “Cryptocurrencies and decentralized banking systems using 5G networks are increasing in popularity and their linkages and financial trails will be difficult to trace.” It may be easier for middlemen and agents to create linkages for such crimes.”

Included in the country’s top telecom companies Reliance Jio Europe’s telecom equipment suppliers have signed contracts with Nokia and Ericsson to build their mega 5G network. Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson has announced a long-term contract with Reliance Jio to build 5G networks. Under this, Ericsson’s energy efficient 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) products and solutions will be given to Jio. This is the first tie-up between Jio and Ericsson for radio access network in the country.

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