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Rishi Sunak gave a shock! 4 thousand nurses of India will have to leave the country, know the full news

Fraud In Britain : Many companies sponsoring visas for huge amounts have been found to be fake, due to which thousands of Indian nurses in Britain are in danger, because the Rishi Sunak government has started taking action against those Indian nurses who were hired through these companies. I went. This decision of the government will affect more than 7 thousand nurses. Among these, maximum 4 thousand nurses are from India. 94% of these nurse cases have come to light due to cancellation of registration of companies. According to Bhaskar’s report, the government is also being held responsible for this, because this problem has arisen due to fake companies, which were allowed by the Sunak government to hire nurses from foreign countries without any investigation. Actually, a sponsor license is required to hire foreigners in Britain. Sunak government is accused of giving licenses to hundreds of companies without investigation. The government gave licenses to 268 companies, which never even filed income tax returns. Many of the companies that had obtained licenses were also fake.

Action is being taken against Indians without any fault
Ake Achi, founder of Migrants at Work, an NGO that helps migrants in Britain, said that Indians leave the country and come here with loans worth lakhs in search of opportunities. These are the people who follow the rules and regulations and are being punished unnecessarily. Migrants have risked their lives to come here.

Now there is a fear of returning to the country
Those who took loans and started work in Britain are now afraid of returning to their country due to the government’s action. ​​Zainab (22), resident of Maharashtra, is the mother of 2 children. He and his brother Ismail (25) had given Rs 18 lakh to a British company for visa sponsorship. When they reached there, they came to know that the firm was fake and had already done scams. In April, government officials said that the company that sponsored the visa had been stripped of its license. Officials have asked him to find a sponsor or another company in 60 days, otherwise he will have to leave Britain. He has applied to sponsor more than 300 companies, but he has not found any firm that is willing to hire or sponsor him. A 32-year-old woman had also left her job as a teacher to go to Britain and her husband had sold his land and car dealership business. They too are afraid of returning to India.


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