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Right to Repair: Smartphone makers will be in trouble, know which phone is the easiest to repair


Repairing the Moto G7 is the easiest.
Repairing Google Pixel 7 is the most difficult.
Repairing Apple’s phones is also very easy.

New Delhi. Has it ever happened to you that your expensive phone fell out of hand and its screen got broken. If you go to the company’s service center to get the screen made, it costs thousands of rupees. Depending on the model and company of the phone, it takes five to 15-20 thousand rupees to repair. But do you know that you can also repair your phone yourself.

Under Right to Repair, it is necessary for phone manufacturers to share the details of their product with the customer. On the basis of these details, you can also repair your phone or get it repaired by someone. Earlier companies used to avoid giving details of their products to customers in the name of warranty, but after Right to Repair, it has become necessary for them to give details. This right to repair can create a big problem for the companies making smartphones, because the service centers of the companies charge huge money from the people in the name of authentic products and repairs, due to the right to repair, this shop of the revenue of the companies completely may be closed.

DIY tech repair website iFixit repairs phones by looking at their product details. Electronics Hub looked through 228 models that have been repaired on iFixit. Viewed, analyzed their repair guides. And based on that ranking given that which phone is the easiest to repair and which phone is difficult to repair.

What did you know about the repair of phones?
After going through the repair videos and repair manuals of the phones, Electronics Hub found that the Google Pixel 7 is the most difficult to repair. Whereas, the easiest smartphone to repair is the Motorola Moto G7. It can be repaired in 25 minutes. Compared to other brands, most of Apple’s phones were such that it is easy to repair by yourself. On the other hand, overall, it is the easiest to repair Asus’s smartphones and the most difficult to repair Sony’s smartphones.

Top 10 easily repaired phones
Moto G7, Samsung Galaxy A40, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 13, POCO M3, One Plus Nord 2 5G, iPhone 14, POCO F3, iPhone 12

Top 10 Hardest to Repair Phones
Google Pixel 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, iPhone SE, Redmi Note 7, Xiaomi Mi 9, Huawei P30 Pro, Redmi Note 10 Pro, Google Pixel 3a XL, Samsung Galaxy A72, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G


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