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Rich boys will automatically get trapped if they get this surgery done, the clinic gave a strange offer to the girls.

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Clinic’s claim – Surgery will give you a rich look (symbolic picture)Image Credit source: Pexels

Having a good marketing strategy is one of the essential conditions for running any business. In such a situation, businessmen keep bringing various types of offers to woo their customers. Some people give bumper discounts on products, while others lure with free offers. But a cosmetic surgery clinic in China crossed the limits. The clinic adopted such marketing tricks to woo women that everyone was stunned. But this clinic is now badly trapped in its own tricks. Because, a heavy fine has been imposed against him.

Shanghai company ‘Gene Beauty Biogenetic Engineering Corporation Limited’ has made a strange offer to woo girls. Under this, the company has claimed that if she gets her special plastic surgery done, not only will her beauty be enhanced, but only rich boys will request her to date. For example, the company said that after getting the surgery done, only rich boys would like her. The clinic is charging a good amount for this.

According to the South China Morning Post, this Shanghai-based company is notorious for using strange advertisements on social media to motivate women to undergo cosmetic surgery. The company has been adopting such tactics since 2021. Jean Beauty has written in its recent advertisement, surgery will give you a rich look, and rich boys will die for you. You need a stunning face, which is made to carry a Louis Vuitton (luxurious fashion brand) bag.

But now this offer has become a thorn in the side of the company itself. Because, Chinese authorities have imposed a heavy fine on the company for luring customers through false promises, breaking social morality and violating advertising law. The company will now have to pay 30 thousand yuan (ie more than three and a half lakh rupees).

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