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Revenge for “remote work”: employers began to change the salary of employees depending on the place of residence

To be sure, the pandemic has changed the workflow for many companies. Including the form of work: some of the employees began to work remotely. For example, Spotify said in February that workers can choose from where to work – from the office, from home – it doesn’t matter. Dropbox noted in 2020 that its employees will have the first virtual workplace. Meta (formerly Facebook), Salesforce, Twitter did the same.

Now another question arose: whether to change the wages of people depending on their location? For example, Meta employees must already report the change of location so that the company can change their salary. Twitter did the same: if a person leaves the Bay Area, then his salary will decrease, for example, moving to Denver will contribute to the loss of 18 percent of the salary. The situation is similar at Google.

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