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Restaurants charging fake GST on food bills? misleading in these three ways

GST Charge on Food: Most of the people leave the restaurant after having food and paying the bill, but do not check the bill. Many times people go away after paying for the food without even seeing the bill. This negligence of yours can cause a big loss. Some restaurants are charging you GST bill even though they don’t even come under this category. In such a situation, you need to understand that how you are being charged more bill for food.

Restaurants charging fake GST

Some restaurants and hotels are charging fake GST from the customers. These restaurants and hotels are misleading people in the name of GST in three ways. Talking about the first method, the GST charge is collected from the customers without writing the GST bill on the bill. On the other hand, GST mention has been made, but the GST number is not active.

Third way- GST number is also active, but it does not come under the purview of GST bill i.e. it is not under composition scheme and it charges GST from you. In such a situation, you can check these GST bills.

You can complain here

If GST is being charged in any of these ways, then you can refuse to pay this bill and still the restaurant and hotel charges you GST, then you can lodge a complaint by calling the GST helpline number 18001200232. After this, action will be taken on hotels and restaurants.


How much GST on food in hotels and restaurants

GST bill is charged according to the category of restaurant and hotel. Generally, 5 percent GST is charged from customers along with food items. At the same time, 12 percent GST is charged in some places, but if you have gone to an expensive hotel or restaurant, then you will have to pay 18 percent GST bill.


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