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Repos Energy Tata: A phone call from Ratan Tata changed the fortunes of Repos Energy

Repos Energy Ratan Tata : Mobile Energy Distribution Startup The fortunes of the founders of Repos Energy have changed with a phone call from Ratan Tata. The founders of Repos Energy say that a phone call from famous industrialist Ratan Tata has changed his fortunes. Ratan Tata has invested in this Pune-based startup. Recently Repos Energy has launched a ‘Mobile Electric Charging Vehicle’ powered by organic waste.

started like this
A few years back Aditi Bhosle Walunj and Chetan Walunj started Repos Energy. Then a mentor is needed to take it forward. That mentor is someone who has worked in this direction before. Then the name of Ratan Tata has come in both of their minds.

Aditi did not give up hope
Aditi Bhosle Walunj says that Aditi is not our neighbor, so that whenever you ask and we go to meet. Aditi did not give up hope of meeting Ratan Tata. Aditi wrote in a post on the social media platform LinkedIn that “We both had no formal business studies, but we learned one thing very early in our lives that any excuse is a foundation work. does, on which that person builds a house of failure.

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Letter to Ratan Tata
Aditi said that she has created a 3D presentation on how Repos Energy wants to use technology to transform the distribution and delivery system of any energy or fuel for consumers. Then sent this 3D presentation with a hand written letter to Ratan Tata.

waited 12 hours outside the house
He also contacted some sources who could introduce him to Ratan Tata and he waited for 12 hours outside Ratan Tata’s house, but could not get through. Exhausted, he returned to his hotel around 10 pm, when he got a phone call. Aditi said, “I was not in a mood to pick up the phone at that time, but still I picked it up and a voice came from the other side that ‘Hello, can I talk to Aditi.

I am Ratan Tata speaking. i got your letter
Aditi says that after this I asked them who are you speaking, but I had already realized from inside that this is the same phone call, which both of them have been waiting for a long time. Aditi got a voice on the phone from the other side, “I am Ratan Tata speaking. I got your letter. Can we meet?”

Aditi Bhosle narrated the story
Aditi Bhosle Walunj while listening to her story said that at that time she did not understand what to say. She was stunned, her hair stood up, tears welled up from her eyes and a smile on her lips. Aditi, co-founder of Repos Energy, further wrote, “The next day we reached his house at 10.45 am and waited for him in the living room to give our presentation. At exactly 11 o’clock a tall and fair man in a blue shirt came towards us and we felt as if all the hands of the clock had stopped at once. The meeting at 11 in the morning went on till 2 in the afternoon and those 3 hours were like meditation for us, where he listened to our thoughts, shared his experiences and guided us.


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