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Repo Rates: Loans can be expensive then! RBI may increase repo rates

RBI Monetary Policy 2022: The common man may get a shock after the decisions of the monetary review policy this time. A few days after the increase in interest rates by the US central bank Federal Reserve, RBI can also increase policy rates. The Reserve Bank can increase the rates of repo rates by 0.25 percent to 0.35 percent. Experts believe that the central bank can increase the repo rate in the upcoming meeting to check inflation.

Meeting will start on August 3
The central bank has already announced a gradual withdrawal of its soft monetary stance. The three-day bi-monthly meeting of the Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is starting from August 3. The results of the meeting will be announced on August 5.

How much has increased so far?
Retail inflation has remained above the Reserve Bank’s satisfactory level of 6 per cent for six months. In such a situation, the Reserve Bank had increased the repo rate by 0.40 percent and 0.50 percent respectively in May and June.

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Rates will reach pre-epidemic level
Experts believe that the central bank will take the key policy rate this week to at least pre-pandemic levels. It will increase further in the coming months. We believe that the MPC will increase the repo rate by 0.35 percent on August 5, it has been said in the report of BofA Global Research. At the same time, she will gradually harden her stance.

2.25 percent increase in calendar year
The possibility of an aggressive 0.50 per cent hike in the repo rate or a somewhat softer 0.25 per cent hike also cannot be ruled out, the report said. A report by Bank of Baroda said that the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates by 2.25 percent in the calendar year 2022. Due to this there is a possibility that the Reserve Bank may also increase the interest rates more before the stipulated time. The report says, “However, given the circumstances in India, there is no need for an aggressive approach right now.

Know what the CEO of said Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dhruv Aggarwal said that banking regulators of other countries of the world including America are aggressively raising interest rates, but the situation is not like this in India. There is no need to aggressively raise interest rates here. He said that we estimate that the central bank interest rates will increase by 0.20 to 0.25 percent.


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