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Repeatedly forget the password of the phone, then this app will help you, do not even worry about security


Download ScreenLock Time Password for free from Google Play Store.
Now there will be no need to change the password again and again.
Once you set the password, be completely sure.

New Delhi: In today’s time, almost everyone uses smartphones. It has become an important part of our life. In this, along with personal photos, important documents, messages and chats, you can also make calls. Do you also keep a password on your smartphone? To avoid a friend or relative not knowing the password, keep changing the password. If you forget it due to changing the password again and again, then an app will help you in such a situation.

After forgetting the password, people usually go to the smartphone shop or store. Get the phone unlocked by paying them. If someone sees the password, then there is a problem or if you forget the password itself, then the problem. To avoid this, follow this step.

Download this password app in smartphone
Android smartphone users can download Screen Lock Time Password from Google Play Store. It is absolutely Free of Cost. Anyone can install it on the phone. The biggest feature of this app is that the password keeps changing without changing the password. In this, the current time itself will become the password of your phone. For example, if it is 1:30 in the phone, then that is the password of your phone. And the very next minute the password of your smartphone will be changed.

How to use screen lock time password
1. Install Screen Lock Time Password on the phone from Google Play Store.
2. After opening this app, you will see two options.
3. Turn it on by clicking on Enable lock option.
4. After this click on Screen Lock Always.
5. You will get a lot of options for password recovery from which to choose one.
6. Now the phone is locked, to open it, enter the current time in the phone.

How to Hide App Lock
Before using this app lock, know that after deleting it, you can also unlock the smartphone with a normal password. In such a situation, it is necessary to hide this app, so that no other person can know about this app. To hide it, go to the settings of the smartphone and click on Apps. After this you have to click on Screen Lock Time Password. From here you can disable the app as well as hide or uninstall.

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