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Repairing rights program will start in India, know what is it and how does it work?

  • Highlights
  • Repair rights program will start in India.
  • Consumers will repair their devices themselves.
  • Repair rights program is going on in many countries.

New Delhi. India is planning to start its own repair rights program. Under this, consumers will be able to get their electronics or smartphone repaired by anyone, or they will be able to repair it themselves. Companies like Apple, Google and Samsung also offer such repair programs. Soon this service can be available in India.

The program seeks to streamline this process and provide repair facilities to customers. How do these companies work with the repair rights program and what do they promise to the consumer in India? It is very important for you to know about this.

What is Repair Rights Program?
The Repair Rights Program empowers the consumer to decide whether they want to rely on the manufacturer/brand to get their device/gadget repaired, or they would prefer a third-party repair store nearby. In most cases, customers are afraid that getting their smartphone or other electronics repaired from outside the brand will void the warranty of their product, so they may be in trouble if any part of their device fails. . The program seeks to streamline this process and provide repair facilities to customers.

organizing committee
The government is keen to end the monopoly of the repair ecosystem and mandates brands to share their detailed repair manuals with customers. In this regard, the Department of Consumer Affairs said in a statement on Thursday that it has constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary Nidhi Khare to develop a comprehensive framework for repairing rights.

What will be covered under the Repair Rights Program?
According to the draft Right to Repair programme, consumers will have access to items such as agricultural equipment, mobile phones or tablets, consumer durables and automobiles or automobile devices. This will cover most of the items we have in our homes.

Why is a Repair Rights Program needed?
The ministry said in its statement that the proposed framework aims to empower consumers, harmonize trade between original device manufacturers and third party buyers and sellers, and reduce e-waste. Repairing a product takes its life, which helps in reducing the amount of e-waste collected by the consumer.

How will companies follow this program?
Now that the framework is in place, companies will have to share complete manuals of their products with the customer, to help customers access the tool. And the service of the device can be done according to their choice. Apart from this, they will also have to provide spare parts or components to third party repair shops.

Are repair rights applicable in other countries?
This program has already been implemented in many countries. It has been implemented in the US, UK and parts of Europe. The US Federal Trade Commission has instructed manufacturers to stop practicing anti-competitive policies, and asked consumers to repair devices themselves. Companies such as Apple, Google and Samsung have announced their own repair programs in these areas. They may have to introduce it in India too in the near future.

What are the challenges for this program?
India has a huge third-party repair ecosystem, but most of it is unorganized. In such a situation, the producers may face difficulties in working with them. Also, companies will have to rework their product manuals that are shipped with the products. Also the repair program of companies like Apple is costly and its a cumbersome process, which involves shipment of a toolbox, which in most cases cannot be used by a layman.

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