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Renesas expands line of 28nm microcontrollers for cars

Renesas Electronics this week unveiled a group of RH850 / U2B microcontrollers designed to meet the growing need to integrate multiple applications on a single chip and implement a single electronic control unit (ECU) for the evolving electro-electronic (E / E) architecture. Providing a combination of high performance, flexibility, noise immunity and safety, the RH850 / U2B cross-domain MCUs are built for demanding vehicle motion workloads including powerplant control, zone control, gateway connectivity, and multi-domain applications.

Designed for zonal and domain applications, the new microcontrollers build on key features from the Renesas RH850 / E2x series for powertrains and the RH850 / C1M-Ax series for electric vehicle engine control. In addition, they offer improved performance and safety. This allegedly allows multiple functions to be integrated into a single ECU while meeting the automotive’s stringent safety, security and real-time requirements.

Renesas expands line of 28nm microcontrollers for cars

The MCU’s built-in hypervisor hardware-based virtualization support allows multiple software systems with functional security levels up to ISO26262 ASIL D to operate independently and reduces virtualization overhead to support real-time execution. Quality of Service (QoS) provides latency monitoring and throttling for all bus masters to ensure that the minimum bandwidth is always available. The RH850 / U2B microcontrollers support safe and fast, no-wait OTA software updates with two banks of on-board flash memory, which allows the ECU to update when the microcontrollers are active and use the previous version if a failure occurs. The Integrated Engine Control Accelerator (EMU3S) works in conjunction with several dedicated engine control timer structures such as the GTM v4. 1 and TSG3 in order to significantly reduce the load on the processor while achieving high rpm. Dedicated Data Flow Accelerator (DFP) frees the CPU from performing resource-intensive operations.

Renesas expands line of 28nm microcontrollers for cars

RH850 / U2B microcontrollers are configured with up to eight cores running at 400 MHz, four, RISC-V vector expansion coprocessor (DFP) for accelerating mathematical algorithms, and other blocks, such as Gigabit Ethernet TSN with switch functionality, converters and accelerators.

Samples of the RH850 / U2B microcontrollers will be available starting April 2022.


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