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Remove Copyright Claim on YouTube: Follow these steps to remove copyright claims on YouTube

Remove Copyright Claim on YouTube: Are you too YouTube Tired of Copyright Claims? If you want to remove copyright claims on YouTube, then you are at right place because today we are going to tell you how you can remove copyright claims on YouTube.

What is YouTube Copyright Claim

These alerts tell you if you have used someone else’s content in your video. There are some things that can easily lead to copyright claims that can trigger creators, including photos, video clips and content that you have not created. These are more likely to spark a copyright claim. However, you can remove these warnings and replace the copyrighted content with the original content.

All these troubles can happen when copyright claim comes

But did you know that a copyright strike can land you in legal trouble? This means that the copyright owner has submitted a legal request to remove your video. So, if you get three such strikes, it could mean that YouTube will shut down your channel and prevent you from creating another channel.

Before removing any copyright claim, you need to check whether your YouTube video has any copyright claim or not. Before making the content live, you need to give a title, thumbnail, keywords, description, etc. to your video to help people search and watch your video. However, YouTube itself will first check your content to make sure there are no copyright claims. This is in the ‘Check’ section of YouTube’s checklist. The copyright checker will tell you how long it will take to publish your content and you can click on the details on the right corner of the page to see if there is any copyright claim on your video.

If your video has a Content ID claim, there may be restrictions on where the video can be viewed or monetized.

You can follow this method to remove copyright claims on YouTube


Change music:

If your audio is claimed in the video, you can replace the claimed audio with other audio in the YouTube audio library.

Mute Song:

If the audio is claimed then you can mute the claimed audio. You can also choose to mute the audio of just the song or the entire video.

How to remove copyright claim on YouTube?

Follow the steps given below to remove the copyright claim on YouTube.

1. Sign-in to YouTube Studio.
2. Go to Menu and select Content.
3. Click on the Filter bar and scroll down to Copyright Claims.
4. Search the video you are interested in.
5. Under Restrictions tab, hover over “Copyright Claim”.
6. Tap on “See Details”.
7. Then search for Appropriate Claim under “Content identified in this video” Click Actions->Trim out segment, Replace song, or Mute song.
8. It is important for good creators to keep their channel free from controversies and other issues.

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