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Remember to keep these ‘things’ before handing over to the phone service center, otherwise there will be big loss

New Delhi: It would not be wrong to say that smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives today. So if the phone breaks down, it becomes a big problem. If there is any problem with the phone, we take it to the service center immediately. Often Service center By correcting in front of you Phone Do back. However, often the phone has to be kept there for a few hours or days. In a hurry we hand over the phone to them. However, this can be very detrimental to you. There are a few things to keep in mind before letting the service center repair the phone. The phone contains your personal information, bank details and so on. So if you keep a few things in mind before handing over the phone to the service center, you can avoid big losses.

Mobile data And personal photos

Don’t forget to back up your phone data no matter how hasty. You can backup photos, mobile numbers, files, videos, etc. from the phone via email. Also, you can save backups on personal hard disk, laptop or other mobile. In addition, the mobile also contains personal photos and videos. Also, you are responsible for the privacy of family members and friends. Therefore, it is necessary to take a backup of such photos and videos and delete that data. These photos may have been misused.

SIM card-memory card and private messages

Often there is no time to delete all the photos and data of the mobile. It is also not possible to transfer if there is too much data. This data cannot be transferred even if the phone is turned off completely. The most important in such a situation SIM card And Memory card Don’t forget to remove. In addition, your phone contains many important messages. This includes everything from bank details to OTP. There is also information about the transactions made from the bank account. So don’t forget to delete all these messages.

Social media account and banking app

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp are logged in the phone. Gmail accounts are also open. So don’t forget to log out all social media accounts before handing over phone servicing. Because, these apps contain your private information, which can be used for wrong work. Also, everyone has a bank mobile app and a mobile wallet in their phone. Don’t forget to uninstall such apps before letting them repair the phone. Failure to do so may result in another person withdrawing money from your bank account.

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