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Remember the IMEI number of the phone?, Central government is keeping watch, see easy tricks to check

New Delhi: Do you know what IMEI is?, if you don’t know then here today we are giving you information about it. When we change the phone. At that time this number is very important. Also IMEI number is very important for any phone. Without this number, the phone is useless. Many of us do not know enough about some high tech codes. But, it is very important to have information about this. What is the IMEI number after all? find out

What is IMEI number and how does it help you?
IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a number to identify any device on a mobile network. It consists of 15 digits. This number works when your phone is lost or stolen. You can file a complaint through this. The thief cannot use your phone after your complaint. This means that the phone cannot be called and the rest of the work cannot be done.

How to Check IMEI on Your Android Phone
The easiest method to check IMEI number on Android phone is to dial *#06#. After dialing this the number that will appear on your screen is your IMEI number. If the phone is dual SIM then you will see two IMEI numbers.

See IMEI number in settings

First go to settings.
After that you have to go to About Phone.
Then scroll down to see the IMEI. Here you can see the IMEI number.

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