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Reliance Jio launches JioGamesWatch streaming platform for gamers, that too absolutely free

Reliance Jio has launched JioGamesWatch as an online game streaming platform. Here you can not only watch the gaming content of your favorite creators but also livestream your games. Learn Features.

Reliance Jio has launched the new JioGamesWatch platform, expanding its online gaming portfolio. It is an online game streaming platform, where users will not only be able to watch online stream games but also stream their games online. You will get to see all kinds of gaming content on this platform.

What is JioGamesWatch?

Through Jio GamesWatch, users will be able to go live while playing online games, through which millions of viewers will be able to watch their gaming content. The special thing is that Jio users can live the game with any device to show their gaming skills.

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This includes Android TV, Jio Phone, iPhone and Android smartphones etc. Not only this, users watching the game streaming will also get the facility to participate in the poll and view other content of the streamer.

Features of JioGamesWatch

Through mobile streaming, you will be able to stream FHD (1920x1080p) and HD content. Content resolution will depend on your internet connection. Apart from this, JioGamesWatch will also have several community events through which content streamers will be able to engage as many audiences as possible. Not just the phone, users can also watch the content of JioGamesWatch directly through the set-top box.

The most important thing about JioGamesWatch is that this streaming platform is completely free. You will not be charged any extra fee for this. You can subscribe to watch your favorite created Key videos on JioGamesWatch.

How to Access JioGamesWatch Service

To access the JioGamesWatch content, this app will be available on the home-screen of the Jio set-top box. At the same time, you can access it in the JioGames app on the smartphone. This service is available for both iOS and Android users.


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