Monday, March 4, 2024

Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank and Hindustan Unilever increased market cap by 70313 crores, these 7 companies including TCS, SBI suffered losses

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The market capitalization of 3 of the top 10 companies of the Sensex increased collectively by Rs 70312 crore last week. These include RIL, HDFC Bank and Hindustan Unilever.

Amid the ongoing volatility in the domestic stock market, the market cap of three of the country’s top 10 companies increased collectively by Rs 70,312.7 crore last week. Among them, Reliance Industries was at the forefront. Last week, apart from Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank and Hindustan Unilever were in a position of gains. Among the top 10 companies, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), ICICI Bank, Infosys, State Bank of India, ITC, Bharti Airtel and Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) faced losses. The combined loss of these seven companies was Rs 68,783.2 crore.

Who benefited?

After rising to a record-breaking rally a week ago, the benchmark BSE Sensex fell 376.79 points, or 0.52 per cent, to 376.79 points or 0.52 per cent last week on profit-booking. However, the market capitalization of Reliance Industries, the country’s most valued company, increased by Rs 47,021.59 crore to Rs 17,35,194.85 crore during this period. Hindustan Unilever’s market capitalization increased by Rs 12,241.37 crore to Rs 6,05,043.25 crore during this period. HDFC Bank’s market capitalization increased by Rs 11,049.74 crore to Rs 12,68,143.20 crore.

These companies made losses

In contrast, ICICI Bank’s market capitalization declined by Rs 30,235.29 crore to Rs 6,97,095.53 crore. TCS’s market cap declined by Rs 12,715.21 crore to Rs 13,99,696.92 crore and SBI’s market cap declined by Rs 10,486.42 crore to Rs 5,68,185.42 crore. The m-cap of Infosys declined by Rs 7,159.5 crore to Rs 6,48,298.04 crore and that of ITC declined by Rs 3,991.36 crore to Rs 5,67,645.03 crore. During this period, Bharti Airtel’s market capitalization declined by Rs 2,108.17 crore to Rs 5,56,134.58 crore and LIC’s market cap declined by Rs 2,087.25 crore to Rs 5,01,635.57 crore.

Reliance Industries retains top position in market cap

Reliance Industries retained its position as the most valued company in the ranking of top 10 companies. In the ranking of top-10 firms, RIL stood at number one position, followed by TCS, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Infosys, HUL, SBI, ITC, Airtel and LIC.

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