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Reliance Capital Auction: This share of Ambani fell by more than 98%, the debt-ridden company will now get support!

Anil Ambani: He will not be away when the company of the company Rilliance Cap ital ( Reliance Capital ) Anil Ambani ( is heavily debt-ridden un il Ambani ) auctioned. The e-auction of the complement of the r iliance cap ital will be initiated by the process 19 the ⁇ process of ( E-Auction). Those who do not share this stock have suffered a tremendous loss in five years. On 5 January 2018, the stock closed at Rs 600. Lake Ein has now come to this share cirker at Rs 10.10. During this time, the stock has fallen more than 98 times.

Base price of Rs 5300 crore fixed
Differences between lenders and consultants (Lenders and Counselors ) Pichle the Inns Reliance Capital were also heard. Lake Ein is now the end of the company’s e-auction l’e urgent operations prkri aiya and na iamon adi as the end im the aiya. The base price of the auction to be 19 The 木 has been fixed for Rs 5300 crore. Sources also claim that the base price has been increased from 5300 crore to Rs 6,500 crore in the meeting of COC (COC).

Nageshwar Rao Wai was not an administrator
Bidders taking the same price in the auction of the capital capital will have to bid more than the base price. Let me tell you, RBI spent the last year in November, neither the board of the Rilliance cap ital was the administrator nor the eukt kiya to the Nageshwar Rao Wai. Shrei Group and DHFL have also been auctioned before. R illiance is the third NBFC company to go to auction under Capital The Iwala Sanh Aita.

Bidders made very low bids
According to the information from the sources, the bidders have made very few bids. Different opinions of the Consultant and the lenders came out on this. In this whole case, the Administrator of Reliance Capital LIMITED ( RCL) Process Consultant of Y Nageshwar Rao ( Process Consultant ) Deloitte says that the bids are 70 percent less than Rs 13,000 crore.

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2,500 crores left of EPFO
Let me tell you, LIC owes Rs 3,400 crore on Reliance Capital. In addition, there are 2,500 crores of EPFO ( EPFO ). Cosmia Financial and Piramal Group had bid the most of 5,231 crores in common. Lake in independent evaluators have estimated lickvation of RCL ( RCL ) from 12,500 crores to 13,200 crores.


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