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Reliance AGM 2022: Big announcement regarding Jio 5G, JioPhone 5G today, watch live streaming like this

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is all set to host its new and latest edition of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday, 29 August. In these years, AGM New Products It has become a platform to present the company to all, and also to share its future plans to the shareholders and the public.

Jio started its 4G service at AGM a few years back, in recent years we have also got JioPhone, JioPhone Next and other products at AGM. The AGM, hosted by Chairman Mukesh Ambani, will once again be the forum where the company tells us about its detailed plans for Jio.

This year’s AGM is expected to be about Jio 5G, the new connectivity service from India’s largest telecom operator. We may also have some new products and maybe even a JioPhone 5G device. So, if you are interested in watching AGM Live Stream, when will it start, how can you watch this event and many more questions you are going to get answers to in today’s article, then let’s start without any delay. Is…

RIL AGM 2022: How to watch online

The RIL AGM 2022 will begin on August 29 at 2 pm, and can be viewed through JioMeet, the Reliance company’s video conferencing solution. If you want to stream the live event through JioMeet, you can send a WhatsApp message with ‘Hi’ to the number +91-7977111111 to receive the AGM JioMeet link. Additionally, the AGM will be available on the Reliance YouTube channel called FlameofTruth, you can also stay updated through the FlameofTruth Twitter handle and the official Reliance Jio Twitter handle.

RIL AGM 2022: Jio 5G services may be announced

RIL AGM 2022 is likely to be the platform where the telco announces its Jio 5G service in India. Reliance Jio was chosen as the top bidder, winning a total of 24.7 MHz in the 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, 3300 MHz and 26 GHz frequency bands. About Rs 88,078 crore was spent to acquire gigahertz spectrum. Jio is the only telco that has bought a major chunk of the 700MHz frequency, which is claimed to offer a good service network indoors.

RIL AGM 2022: JioPhone 5G expected to be showcased

Apart from announcing Jio 5G service, Reliance may use AGM to showcase its latest affordable smartphone JioPhone 5G. Jio and Google announced their partnership last year and brought the JioPhone Next device. This year, with the launch of 5G, Jio may bring its 5G to the market.

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