Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Rejoice: Windows 12 will not be released in 2024

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Rumors of Microsoft’s release in the current year of the operating system Windows 12: it was assumed that the developers again switched to the cycle of release of a new OS every three years, and in this case the appearance of Windows 12 in 2024 was logical. But, as reported resource Windows Central, the new OS Microsoft may last until 2025, and connect this with the exit from the company Panos Panay (Panos Panay), which headed the division on the development of Windows and led the creation of Windows 11.

Instead of Windows 12, this year Windows 11 24H2 will be released – a big update with a lot of new functions, for the implementation of which artificial intelligence will be responsible. Release Windows 11 24H2 for all users of the system is expected in September, but the first finished devices with Windows 11 24H2 debut even earlier – at the exhibition Computex 2024 in the summer of this year.

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