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Record hike in prices from clothes to food in Pakistan, inflation rate beyond 36 percent

Pakistan Economy Crisis: The prices of essential things are increasing continuously in Pakistan. Due to this growth, the standard of living of the people there is going down. From food items to clothes, there is a continuous increase in the prices, due to which the difficulties of the people living in Pakistan have increased even more. Alam is that the prices of things like transport, housing, food, restaurants and hotels, household equipment, clothes and shoes have reached the sky.

Inflation rate in Pakistan is 36.5 percent

According to the report of Arif Habib Limited, a big research company of Pakistan, the inflation rate of Pakistan has reached 36.5 percent in April. Due to the increase in the prices of essential commodities, there has been an increase in the inflation rate. With these rising prices, it is estimated that the food index alone could increase by 5 percent in the next month, which is going to create more problems for food.

rising prices in pakistan

Due to inflation in Pakistan, the problems of common people are not stopping. All food and drink items are getting expensive. At the same time, there is a boom in petroleum products. Recently, a jump has been seen in the prices of clothes and footwear in the month of Ramadan. Along with this, hotels and restaurants are also becoming expensive. The ever-increasing prices of all things are increasing the rate of inflation in Pakistan.

Fear of rising poverty line

The result of the increase in this inflation rate will be on the economy of Pakistan and the general public. Due to which the people of Pakistan are expected to move towards the poverty line. Due to this, there is a possibility of a decrease in the household expenses and standard of living of the people.

What will be the effect of rising prices

The effect of these rising prices on the economy will be that fuel prices will increase and taxes will also be increased. Along with this, the Pakistani government will try to get a relief package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), so that it can bring its economy back on track.


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