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RealWear Navigator Z1 smart glasses are designed to work in extreme conditions

RealWear has introduced one of the most unusual augmented reality headsets – Navigator Z1. The gadget can easily withstand falls, is equipped with a thermal imager, a built-in 5G module and does not require connection to a smartphone or other devices, which allows it to be used in extreme conditions.  

Realwear navigator z1

RealWear Navigator Z1 is positioned as the most advanced and safe AR headset in the world. The device is IS certified to meet thermal, electrical, mechanical and safety requirements. The certificate indicates that the headset will not fail in environments where flammable particles are present.

In fact, we are talking about a gadget for working in industries where the use of consumer electronics is not provided. The headset is designed for people working in difficult conditions, for example, in the oil and gas industry or mines. 

The Navigator Z1 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 6490 processor with a built-in AI chip. The headset can recognize voices in hands-free mode in places with noise levels up to 100 dBA. The gadget has a modular design, thanks to which the buyer can use new elements on it, such as a FLIR Lepton 3.5 thermal imager or an additional battery.

“Safety and productivity should not be mutually exclusive concepts. At a time when there are so many consumer-grade gadgets in the industry, we have created something truly modern and relevant for mission-critical workflows,” said RealWear co-founder and CEO Dr. Chris Parkinson.

RealWear Navigator Z1 can already be ordered for delivery to Europe, the UAE, as well as countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Residents of North America, Canada, Japan, Mexico and most regions of Latin America will receive the headset in March. True, such pleasure will cost even more than Apple Vision Pro: Navigator Z1 was estimated at $5,850. 


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