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Realme’s foldable smartphone will not be launched yet, reason revealed

Realme is continuously expanding its product portfolio. From entry level smartphones to premium and flagship smartphones, the company has a wide range of mobile devices. Now the discussion about the foldable phone of Reality is hot. But, a recent report has revealed that the foldable smartphone of Realme is not likely to come in the near future. After all, what is the reason that Reality is not yet bringing a foldable smartphone, while its biggest rival is present in the Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone market.

Foldable smartphone is not very popular among users. But, brands like Samsung and Xiaomi are continuously launching their foldable smartphones. In such a situation, Realme has something else to say about it. tech radar key Report Realme Product Manager Srihari has hinted that the company’s foldable smartphone will not arrive in the near future. He has also given the reason for this. According to the report, Srihari said that the foldable smartphone is under discussion with the team, but it is not likely to hit the market very soon. He has not even suggested any timeline for this.

According to the company’s product manager Srihari, Realme will not launch its foldable smartphone yet. Explaining the reason for this, Srihari said that the customer base of Realme is slightly different from other companies. Even if Realme does launch its foldable smartphone, it is very likely that the customers will not give it a warm welcome and the response of the users towards the foldable phone may remain quite cold.

“Realme consumers are very different from other brands, and their needs are also very different,” he added. He further said that a smartphone with a foldable display is not the right choice for its target customers. Therefore, the company is not yet sure about the foldable smartphone. But at the same time, it has also been said that this should not be taken to mean that the company will not launch its foldable smartphone at all.

Realme is one of the few brands in the market that is ahead in bringing and expanding new technology. Still, the company admits that its customers are not yet ready for a foldable smartphone. Apart from this, the company has launched a wide range of products ranging from audio products to smart TVs and tablets. But its customers will have to wait for the foldable smartphone.

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