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Read on, Microsoft: Windows 11 collection «Uzali» up to extreme 100 MB, OS works in multitasking mode

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The team of enthusiasts NTDEV, well known thanks to its modification Windows 11 under the name Tiny11, raised its achievements in miniaturization of the Microsoft OS to a new level, translating the operating system into text mode.

As a result, the size of the installation image was only 100 MB, which, probably, makes it the most compact ISO Windows 11 in the entire history.

Naturally, since this is text mode, many of the functions are cut down compared to the regular (or Tiny11) graphical interface of Windows 11. Separately, it is impressive that even after removing all the graphical components and applications built into Windows 11, NTDEV kept the OS working and functional.

According to the developer, users can perform multiple tasks simultaneously in this text OS. After installation all the directories of Windows 11 take up about 1.91 GB. There are only four folders in the trimmed Windows (and at least one hidden folder, judging by the command used in the video). For comparison, installing Windows 11 requires at least 64 GB of disk space.

NTDEV also points out the shortcomings of this textual version of Windows 11. For example, the operating system runs quite slowly, despite the removal of the graphical interface and many of its functions.

In February 2023, NTDEV introduced a lightweight version of Windows 11 Pro 22H2, which required 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage space to function. In the October release Tiny11 requires a little more than 3 GB to install.

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