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RBI gave special facility to the customers! This big change happened in the opening time of the bank

Bank Opening Time has been Changed: If today you are going to go to the bank to deal with some important work, then this news is of your use. From today you will get one more hour to complete the bank work. Reserve Bank of India has made a big change in the opening hours of banks from April 18. Now the time of opening of the bank has been changed from 10 o’clock to 9 o’clock.

The central bank has taken this decision after 4 days of bank closure. Let us tell you that the central bank has changed the time of opening of banks but, has not made any change in the time of closing them. Banks will be closed from their time i.e. at 5 o’clock. With this, customers will get one more hour to get the work done in the bank. This new rule of RBI will be applicable to 7 government and 20 private banks including State Bank of India.

This transaction will start soon from ATM
RBI is preparing to make major changes in the facility of ATM transactions. Customers will soon get the facility to withdraw money from an ATM machine without an ATM card. The benefit of cardless transactions will be available through ATM.

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Customers will also be able to withdraw money from the ATM machine through UPI. Actually, the Reserve Bank believes that the facility of withdrawing money from ATMs through UPI will reduce the incidents of fraud. Along with this, if a person forgets his ATM card at home, then even in such a situation he will be able to withdraw money.


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