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Raymond will complete 100 years in 2025, let’s take a look at the company’s 98 year journey

Raymond Brand: In 2025, Raymond, a giant in the field of garments, is going to complete its 100 years. This is going to be a historic milestone for Raymonds, one of the oldest companies in the country. Raymond’s shooting and surfing enthusiasts are present not only in India but all over the world. In the case of shooting-sarting, Raymond occupies 60 percent of the market in the country, as well as the company is also the country’s largest woolen fabric maker.

Raymond is present all over the country

Raymond’s distribution network is such that Raymond brand clothing is available across the country through more than 900 exclusive retail stores and more than 30,000 retailers in more than 500 cities with multi-brand outlets in every small and big city of India. You will be surprised to know that after economic liberalisation, the trend of multi brand and single brand showrooms started in the country. But Raymond is such a brand whose first exclusive retail showroom was opened in 1958 at King’s Corner in Ballard Estate, Mumbai, nine years after independence. Raymond is present in 55 countries of the world which include America, Canada, Japan and many European countries. Raymond has more than 20,000 designs and colors of suiting fabric. This is the only company which has such a number of designs to colours.

Raymond brand boom in weddings

You will also be surprised by this fact, during weddings in India, the people of the groom’s side wish that the brand of suit-boots for the groom and his relatives should be Raymond. Raymond is everyone’s first choice for suit-boots made of woolen fabric for winter. Raymond caters to every big and small section of the society through its range.

History of Raymond

In 1925 Abraham Jacob Raymond established a small woolen mill in Thane near Mumbai by the name of Raymond Woolen Mill. Raymond was associated with the name of the founder of the company, from which the name of the company and the brand was named Raymond. In 1944, Lala Kailashpat Singhania bought Raymond. Then the company used to manufacture Raymond Blankets, cheap woolen garments. But soon Raymond started expanding by adopting new technology. That’s when India got independence from the British. After that, keeping in mind the needs and self-sufficiency, started manufacturing on a large scale.

Raymond is no match in adopting technology

In 1952, Gopalkrishna Singhania arrived to help his uncle Kailashpat Singhania in his business. In 1958 Raymond became the first company to begin blending wool with polyester and came up with the Tirol. Due to this, the company started launching more than one blended fabric. The company also opened its first retail store in Mumbai in the same year. In 1960, the company removed all the old machines and brought the latest machines. Raymond became the first company in the country to use modern machines. For the summer of 1967, Raymond launched the fabric called Trovine. In 1968, the company established a readymade gourmets plant in Thane itself. In 1979, a new plant was also set up in Jalgaon.

The company took flight in the era of Vijaypat Singhania

In 1980, Kailashpat Singhania’s son Dr. Vijaypat Singhania became the chairman of Raymond, who studied at Howard. In 1984, a new plant was set up under his leadership, and in 1986, the Park Avenue brand was launched, which is on everyone’s lips today. In 1990, Raymond opened its first overseas showroom in Oman. In 1991, the company launched a premium condom brand named Kamasutra, which became the second largest condom brand in the country within a year of its launch. In 1996, the company launched air charter service for corporate air travelers. Denim manufacturing started in 1996. The casual wear brand was launched in 1999 under the name of Parks brand. Let us tell you that CollarPlus Fashion is also a brand of Raymond, which was acquired by the company in 2002.

Command with Gautam Singhania since 2000

In the year 2000, Vijaypat Singhania handed over the reins of the company to his son Gautam Singhania, under whose leadership Raymond is scaling new heights. In 2019, the company also entered the real estate sector. On Thursday, April 27, it was reported that Godrej Consumer is going to acquire consumer care business like Park Avenue and Kamasutra of Raymond Group’s FMCG company Raymond Consumer Care Limited. This deal done for Rs 2825 crore will be completed by May 10, 2023. Actually, Raymond does not consider it as a core business, so the company is exiting this business. The company now wants to do full focus textile business as well.


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