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Ray Kurzweil : Humans will be immortal in the next 7 years? A claim by a former employee of Google

New Delhi:Ray Kurzweil Book The singularity is near: We have been hearing so many stories about human immortality since the beginning of time. What if man became immortal in so many books, movies, and legends from an even earlier age? How can a person become immortal? Many such things are mentioned. Meanwhile, discussions are starting to emerge that humans will become truly immortal soon, i.e. by 2030. These discussions have started due to some claims in a book related to technology written by an engineer. But due to some sensational claims made in a book called The Singularity Is Near, written by Ray Kurzweil, an engineer who previously worked in the world-famous company Google, there are discussions that humans will soon become immortal. Interestingly, 86 percent of Ray Kurzweil’s predictions have come true so far.

What exactly is the claim?

So Ray Kurzweil wrote a book in 2005 called The Singularity Is Near. Meanwhile, according to some claims made in this book, man will be immortal till 2030 and it has been said that this will be possible due to some things like genetics, nanotechnology, robotics. So now don’t get confused by all these high class technical words, we are going to tell you the simple meaning of all these.

So in 2017 Ray Kurzweil predicted the future, by 2029 man will be so advanced in technology that he will be able to become immortal. Manoon Tovar will make age-reversing nanobots with the help of nanotechnology, robotics. So these bots will help to repair the tissue and cells that are damaged in the body immediately, so that the person will not age, he will be immortal.

Predictions have come true before
Ray Kurzweil’s prediction is causing many discussions and especially some of the predictions made by Ray have come true before. According to him, by the year 2000, the computer will beat the world’s leading chess player. After which Garry Kasparov was defeated by computer in 1997. Also laptop will be faster than human. Ray Kurzweil said that many parts of the world will have a better quality network by 2010, since most of the claims are coming true, will this claim be true? This has to be seen.


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