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Rats will destroy your car, never make this mistake

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CARCAT devices can be purchased both offline and online.Image Credit source: tv9 bharatvarsh

Car Care Tips: In the metro city, there is no space in the houses to park the car, that is why most of the people park their car on the road side or in the open area in the society. Due to parking the car in an open area, many times rats make their home in your car and sometimes they cause damage worth thousands inside the car.

If you want to protect your car from the damage caused by rats, then here we are giving you information about a device that keeps the car safe from rats. This device is installed in the car engine along with the battery and when your car is parked, this device does not allow the rats to roam around the car.

CARCAT Ultrasound Rat Repellent

This device is available on the company’s official sites including e-commerce sites Flipkart and Amazon. It is listed on Amazon for Rs 4950, from where it can be purchased at a discount of 16 percent for only Rs 4143. The company claims that this device can keep rats away from your car up to 94 percent.

How does this device work?

This device is installed in the car engine along with the battery. Ultra sound webs come out from this device, which does not allow rats to enter the car engine. Along with this, a light has been provided in this device which illuminates in blue and red colors. Rats run away after seeing this light. This device becomes active as soon as the car is parked and turns off as soon as the car is started.

CARCAT device features

This device is waterproof, there is no damage to it even if water falls on it. Also, even if you clean the car with any kind of spray, this device does not get damaged. Along with this, it does not take much time to install this device in the car.

Rats enter the car for this reason

If you park your car in an open area at one place for a long time, then rats make their home in it. Apart from this, even if you drop any food item inside the car, rats make their home in the car.


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