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Ration Card New Rule: The new rule of ration card came, surrender immediately or else the government will recover

Ration Card New Rule: If you are also a ration card holder, then this news is of great use to you. A rule has been made by the government to surrender the ration card under certain conditions. Ignoring these rules can cost you dearly and you may be fined. Not only this, legal action can also be taken against you.

Actually, during the Corona epidemic (Covid-19), the government started giving free ration to poor families. This system started by the government is still applicable for poor families. But it has come to the notice of the government that many ration card holders are not eligible and they are taking advantage of free ration. At the same time, many card holders eligible for the scheme are not getting its benefit.

Legal action will be taken after investigation

In such a situation, ineligible people are being asked to surrender the ration card immediately through the officials. If any ineligible person does not surrender the ration card, then legal action will be taken against him after investigation.

what is the rule

If someone has a plot of more than 100 square meters, flat or house, four wheeler car or tractor, family income of more than two lakhs in the village and three lakhs in the city, then such people should get their ration card in the Tehsil and DSO office. Will have to surrender.

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will be recovered

According to the information, if the ration card is not surrendered, then the card of such people will be canceled after scrutiny. Also, legal action will be taken against that family. Not only this, since he is taking ration, the ration will also be recovered.

These people are ineligible for government ration

Families who have motorcar, tractor, AC, harvester, generator of 5 KV or more capacity, 100 square meter plot or house, more than five acres of land, more than one arms license, income tax payer, family income in rural area 2 lakh Families having Rs 3 lakh per annum per annum and in urban areas are ineligible for the scheme.

appeal to the people

In many states of Uttar Pradesh, ration cards are not being made for the eligible people. In such a situation, an appeal has been made by the government to the people that the ineligible people should surrender the ration card. With this, cards of poor families can be made. Action can be taken against such people for not surrendering the ration card.


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