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Ratan Tata remembered Tata Nano in an emotional way, said – it was made for common people

New Delhi.
Ratan Tata On Tata Nano Car:
Do you remember that day in the year 2008, when the world saw ‘Lakhtakia Car’ for the first time. Yes, Tata Nano, a car worth only one lakh rupees, is said to be the dream project of businessman Ratan Tata. Ratan Tata believed that this car is made for the common people, who dream of a cheap car. In the year 2009, the Tata Nano was first seen on the roads and then by the year 2019, the Tata Nano disappeared from the roads. Indians completely rejected this car. But a tension still lingers in Ratan Tata’s heart, the hallmark of which is seen in his latest Instagram post. Yes, Ratan Tata has remembered Tata Nano in an innovative way.

Story of Nano, by Ratan Tata
Ratan Tata, in his latest Instagram post, reiterates the story of the Tata Nano, which may have originated from his heart. Presenting the Tata Nano to the world for the first time, Ratan Tata is seen with his Lakhtakia car at the Auto Expo 2008 and through its picture, Ratan Tata writes in his Instagram post – I often see people on a scooter with my family. Used to see, where the children were somehow seen sitting between their father and mother. It was like a sandwich. It inspired me to make cars for these people. The advantage of being from architecture school was that I used to doodle in my spare time.

Ratan Tata climbs Nano Electric these days

Nano came to mind while making doodles
Ratan Tata further writes- While making doodles in my spare time, I used to think that if the motorcycle itself becomes more secure then how will it be. With this in mind, I doodled a car that looked like a buggy and didn’t even have doors. After that I thought that I should make a car for such people and then Tata Nano came into existence, which was for our common people. Our people here mean such people of the country, who dreams of a car, but they are not able to buy a car. It was for such people that Ratan Tata had introduced the Lakhtakia car, but perhaps luck had something else in mind and the Tata Nano failed miserably.

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