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Rakshabandhan Gift: These financial gifts can be gifted to sister on Rakshabandhan, will work for a lifetime

Rakshabandhan Gift: The festival of Rakshabandhan will be celebrated tomorrow and the preparations are almost complete across the country. Along with tying Rakhi on the wrists of brothers, sisters get good gifts from them. Often brothers gift things like cash, clothes, gadgets to their sisters. Although every gift has its own special significance, but if you give such a gift to your sister which can make her financial life happy, then it will be different. Here we are telling you about such a financial gift that you can give to your sisters on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.

fixed deposit
In the form of fixed deposit, you can give such a priceless gift to your sister that can meet her various needs. Anyway, they can get good interest as compared to savings account. Make a good FD on Rakhi to your sister and show your love through it.

mutual fund
Investing in mutual funds is a profitable deal nowadays and through this you can get a good gift option for your sister’s financial life. You can choose an open ended fund for your sister with no lock-in period which your sister can cash in as and when she needs it.

Gold Instruments
Through paper gold instruments like Gold Mutual Funds or Sovereign Gold Bonds or Gold ETFs, you can not give jewelry to your sister, but you can give a gift of gold which can be more useful. Women have gold in the form of jewelery but if it is taken as investment instruments, then it can also avoid expenses like making charges.

life insurance or health insurance
You can take a life insurance policy or a health insurance policy for your sister, which can prove to be a very special gift for her. Through this, you can give a financial relief gift to your sister in case of an emergency.

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