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Rajmarg Yatra App: This app will give complete information about the highway, from toll to hospital and hotel location will be available.

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This app will give complete information about the highway, location of toll-hospital will be available everywhere.

The government has launched a new Highway Super App (Rajmarg Yatra App) to make your life easier. This app has been created by NHAI. Through this app, you will get all the information related to the highway at one place. You will not need to go to any other app or any site. This one app in your phone will make your work a lot easier. In this app, you can show complete details of nearest toll plaza, toll plaza on your way, nearby services like NH, petrol pump, hospital, hotel etc.

Rajmarg Yatra App

Government’s new highway super app Can meet many needs. This app will offer many types of information and facilities to the users while traveling on the highway.

These features will be available in Highway Super App

  • In this app you will get to see the highway map, it also includes information like toll plaza, service station, hospital, police station located on the highway.
  • Traffic Updates: This service shows you information about the current traffic conditions on the highway. With this you can choose the best time to reach your destination.
  • Weather Update: Through this feature you can get weather information before starting your journey. So that you can travel safely, according to the weather.
  • Hotspot: Through this you also get information about hotspots located on the highway. This includes information about restaurants, hotels, shopping malls etc.

There will be many benefits from this

  • With Rajmarg Yatra App, you can get highway traffic status, weather updates and other information in advance. With this you can travel safely.
  • By using this app, you can save a lot of time and decide your route according to your needs.
  • Your life will become much easier with this app because you will get all the information about the highway in one app.

You can download Rajmarg Yatra App from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store platforms.

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