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Rahul Gandhi likes this bike more than Enfield, used to rock the streets of London

Rahul Gandhi Favorite Bike: Know which bike is liked by Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi Bikes: Everyone has a different hobby, some like cars and some like bikes. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has revealed the name of his favorite bikes during an interview.

Rahul Gandhi Favorite Bike: Everyone is curious to know that after all, which vehicles or bikes are the big celebrities and politicians fond of. If you are also Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi) If you want to know about the favorite bike, then for the information of the people, tell that Rahul Gandhi Recently, in an interview, he has told which bike is closest to his heart.

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While talking to The Bombay Journey in Mumbai during Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi said that he does not have a car, he drives the car that his mother has. During a media interaction, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that he is not interested in cars, but he likes driving.

He told that I have a motorbike but I know how to fix a car, I know 90 percent technical things related to the car but still I do not like cars much. Rahul Gandhi told in the interview that I find the old Lambretta as beautiful as the R1. He said that “the Lambretta is more beautiful because it takes more effort to drive it”

  1. Rahul Gandhi does not like this bike: During the interview, Rahul Gandhi said that Enfields bikes have never been his favourite, though everyone loves Enfields. Of course Rahul Gandhi doesn’t like Enfield.
  2. Name of favorite bike: Revealing the name of the bike during the interview, he said that he likes Yamaha RD350 rather than Enfield. Rahul Gandhi said, when I used to work in London, the bike that I had was Aprilia RS 250 and this bike is the love of my life.
  3. Know about Yamaha RD350: According to media reports, this Yamaha bike was the country’s first performance-oriented bike, which was given a 347cc two-cylinder engine, which generated less power of 30.5bhp even at high-torque. Whereas, this bike used to generate 27bhp power at low-torque.
  4. Know about Aprilia RS 250: According to information received from media reports, this is a sport bike with a two-stroke 249 cc engine, it is a race-oriented bike. The bike gets dual 298mm disc brakes at the front with Brembo Oro four-piston calipers and a single 220mm disc brake at the rear with Brembo twin-piston calipers.
  5. Rahul Gandhi said this on EV: During the interview, when Rahul Gandhi was talked about electric vehicles, he told that the foundation is most important to bring EV revolution and India is nowhere in this matter. Explaining his point clearly, he said that the foundation here means the production of batteries.



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