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Radeon RX 8900 XTX graphics card rumored to deliver twice the performance of the RTX 7900 XTX

After the first rumors about Nvidia GeForce RTX 50 graphics cards There are also the first rumors about the next-generation Radeon lineup, which is expected to be called the RX 8000.

The same RedGamingTech resource claims that the RDNA 4 architecture will bring a monstrous 2x performance increase compared to RDNA 3. Each CU will have 128 ALUs, as it is now. Video cards will switch to GDDR7 memory, and older GPUs will retain the chiplet design.

The older Navi 41 GPU will allegedly receive 144 CUs, i.e. 18,432 ALUs. The core frequency will supposedly be around 3.5 GHz, which will provide performance of 129 TFLOPS. The conditional Radeon RX 8900 XTX (the name may be different) will receive a lot of memory, but here the source names several options. This is either 32 GB in the case of four chiplets, or 24/48 GB in the case of six. We can assume that the RX 8900 XTX can get 32 ​​GB, and the RX 8900 XT will get 24 GB. In any case, the current top solutions from AMD and Nvidia also have a lot of memory.

Navi 42 will supposedly have 96 CUs or 12,288 ALUs. That is the same as the RX 7900 XTX now has. Navi 43 will have 6144 ALUs and even this GPU will be chiplet based.

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Of course, as in the case of the RTX 50, these are just the first rumors. It can be recalled that the first rumors about the RTX 40 line ended up being true on many points, but the rumors about the Navi 31 were completely wrong, so for now, such information should be treated accordingly.


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