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Radars will really come to cars next year

The market for automobile radars or radars, which in 2020 amounted to 63 million units with a total value of $ 3 billion, by 2028 will grow to 274 million units with a total value of $ 10 billion. This forecast is given by experts of the analytical company Strategy Analytics, specifying that the turning point for the industry will be 2022. Radar imaging technology is expected to further enhance the capabilities of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and self-driving systems.

The growing demands for active safety in new passenger cars have not only increased the demand for sensors, including radars, but also increased the performance requirements for ADAS and associated sensors. It is expected that the new radars will have increased range and speed resolution, be able to determine altitudes and be more resistant to interference in the form of signals from other radars, which is necessary in an environment where they will increasingly be found in vehicle equipment. Imaging radars will be able to detect smaller objects, classify objects in the field of view, and track more objects that are close to each other. The reliability of detecting and classifying various objects will be improved, which, in turn, will improve the performance of ADAS systems and increase consumer confidence in them.

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