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Questions related to employment fair and their answers: Like when will the employment fair be held?

All the youth of India are very much worried due to rising inflation and unemployment. Many types of schemes are always started by the government so that the problem of unemployment can be reduced. To reduce the problem of unemployment, employment fair is organized by the Government of India every day.

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What is employment fair?

Employment fair is such a fair, where you will get different types of opportunities from which you can choose employment according to your ability. If you also need employment, then definitely read this article written by us till the end. Because today through this article we will share detailed information related to the employment fair with you.

To reduce unemployment, the Indian government has presented the employment fair as a golden opportunity for the youth. Employment fair is such a fair where many types of companies and private sector give you job opportunities according to your ability.

In this fair, you have to take your degrees and certificates of your studies and you can apply for the work you think you are capable of. If we talk about employment fair, then this fair is held in every part of the country i.e. in every district of every state according to the time.

The objective of this fair is to provide employment to maximum number of people. This fair is organized by the government, by national or international companies, by setting up camps for unemployed youths on the basis of their qualification, through interviews and by giving work to the department for which they are ineligible in their company. are, so that their unemployment can end.

When will the employment fair be held?

Employment fair is organized every year by the Government of India at different places of the country. In order to participate in the employment fair, it is necessary to know where the employment fair is currently being held.

If we talk about the year 2023, the employment fair has not been organized till now, but in the last year 2022, the Bihar Employment Fair has been organized by the Government of India. Uttar Pradesh Employment FairJaipur Employment Fair, iti job fair 2023 Like many other types of employment fairs were organized.

Last year, this fair was organized by the Labor Resources Department in Bihar on 24 June 2022 and 25 June 2022. Around 50 companies participated in this fair and they provided employment to more than 2000 candidates.

If you also want to participate in the job fair and also want to get information related to it, then you can get the information through the official website of the Government of India. Or you will be given updates related to this on our site from time to time.

How to get job in employment fair?

Nowadays, due to the increasing population at a very fast pace, unemployment has come to its limit. Due to this the problem of employment has arisen. To eliminate this problem, the Government of India and the State Government make offers to national and international companies to come here and set up their companies, enter into agreements with them, in which any company starts its investment after completing many procedures. Are. Many sites have been created by them to take jobs in this, and they have also published them on the Internet. The information about this fair is also given by taking out the calendar.

Those who are looking for employment, first of all they have to register themselves by visiting the sites published by them. In which you have to fill all your details completely. It is mandatory for you to give your mobile number and your email ID in these details.

With this, whenever the employment fair will be organized in your district, you will be informed through call or email. If you don’t know for some reason, even if you go directly to the job fair, you can participate in the job fair by registering from there on that day also.

Many companies come with their projects in the job fair. They put up their own stalls at various places in that fair and decorate their stalls with one or the other poster of their company or by other means.

To hire the candidates, they appoint some of their employees there, who check all the candidates one by one with all their documents, and interview them. Whichever candidates they find suitable for their company, they are selected in an absolutely fair manner.

How much rupees will be employed in the employment fair?

If you get a job in the employment fair, that is, you get employment, then first of all it depends on the company, what kind of company that company is, and what kind of employment it can provide to us.

Every companies gives jobs according to their work. It also depends on the qualification of the candidate on that date, what is the educational qualification of that candidate.

If we talk about the money, it starts from a minimum of ₹9000 and there is no set limit for its maximum. If the best job is found in this fair, then the salary of 20 thousand to 25 thousand is also provided by that company. That is, we can say that there is no fixed limit of salary.

How to get employment in employment fair?

Important points are highlighted below for how to get employment in the job fair.

  • To get employment in the employment fair, first of all you have to register yourself by visiting the employment portal.
  • While getting the online registration done, you have to give your complete details, in which you can upload your marksheet, provisional etc. numbers of all these documents online.
  • When recruitment is taken under the employment fair in your city, at that time the company on whose portal you have registered, that company works to send information to you through your mobile number or email.
  • When you go to the job fair for employment, then take all your documents with you, and there contact the officials of the company which has informed you and show all your documents to them.
  • If you have any trade certificate or you have obtained a good degree, then take it with you.
  • Now you will be interviewed by the officials of those companies. If you qualify in that then you are given a job in that company.


Through the above article, you would have been able to get all the important information about the employment fair. Through this article, an attempt has been made to tell you all the information related to the employment fair in simple words. After reading it carefully, you will never face any problem regarding the employment fair.

If reading this article would have helped you and you would have ensured your employment through the employment fair, then do share this article with your family and friends. So that they too can get all the information about the employment fair easily.


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