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Quantum Energy unveils 4 high-speed electric scooters with up to 130km range

The growing popularity of electric two wheelers has increased the focus on innovations in this segment. Many startups are entering the electric two wheeler market and offering vehicles with great features. Hyderabad based startup, ‘Quantum Energy’ has showcased its upcoming high-speed electric scooters. Quantum Energy has also signed an MoU with MBI Korea. This will enable advanced technology in high-speed scooters. The company showcased four electric scooters namely Plasma, Elektron, Milan and Bziness. These electric scooters from Quantum Energy will go on sale from October this year.

showing them quantum energy claimed that its scooters offer the customers a wide range of efficient and cost-effective EVs with a powerful range. In the electric two wheeler segment, Quantum Energy is backed by Kusalva Group. Kusalva Group has been in the automotive industry for the last 50 years. The company has an R&D center in Bangalore and a manufacturing facility in Hyderabad.

Quantum energy showed two wheeler EVs plasma I have 1500w motor. It will offer a top speed of 60 km/h. Talking about the range, then this two wheeler can cover a distance of 110 kms to 130 kms in a single full charge. There itself electron And match Comes with 1000W motor power, while Bziness Comes with 1200W motor power. These scooters can deliver a maximum speed of 50km/h with a range of 80-100kms across all the riding modes. These electric scooters are powered by a lithium-ion battery. The company claims that they can be fully charged in 4 hours. The company expects to make a mark in the EV market in India.

Battery is becoming a big problem regarding electric scooters. We have seen incidents of fire in many scooters in the past. In such a situation, Quantum Energy claims that its batteries are powered by a smart BMS. This ensures that the batteries are safe.

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