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Qualimate Tablet: This great tablet will be available for just Rs 275, will work without internet


One can easily buy the Kualmate Tablet Kids Writing Pad Slate on Amazon.
This tablet is great for writing or drawing for kids.
It is not only beneficial for kids, but it is also eco-friendly.

New Delhi. Many of us are fond of buying tablets. But have you ever seen a tab priced below Rs 300? Surely you have never seen such a cheap tablet, which will be available for just Rs 275. Yes, we are talking about the Qualmate Tablet Kids Writing Pad Slate available on the e-commerce site Amazon. It has an 8.5 inch LCD display. This is a writing tablet for children. The length of this tablet is 14.5 cm, width is 1.5 cm, thickness is 23 cm and weight is 156 grams.

You can take it to entertain your kids, and the special thing is, it works without internet and charging. Apart from this, it is also being said to be safe for the eyes. It can also be used without light. Tech expert Banwari Singh Jadoun says that this tab is eco-friendly along with being beneficial for children. He said that electronic writing pads are not harmful to the environment. Due to this the need for paper, pencil, eraser can be eliminated.

It is also easy to carry it everywhere. There is no radiation hazard, without blue light, this electronic writing tablet will not make the eyes tired even after using for a long time. According to Tech Expert, along with being a smart stylus, easy writing and drawing can be done with it. For example, a doodle pad can write more than 1 lakh times. Which is equivalent to saving about 3 trees from being cut.

Another thing is, it will consume very less power. It can work for 1 year on the same battery, and it is also replaceable. It will not require charging or any connection.

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