Friday, October 7, 2022
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Putin urged heads of state not to hinder the introduction of artificial intelligence systems

According to the president, all clearly excessive barriers to the creation and development of advanced solutions, including in the field of artificial intelligence, must be eliminated as soon as possible, as well as the formation of a legal environment that meets the level of technological progress.

Putin touched upon the technologies of unmanned taxi, which are being developed by Yandex. In general, the President positively assessed these developments, but called for the formation of the necessary legal basis for such decisions. For example, if an unmanned vehicle causes an accident.

“I ask the government, together with the professional community, to debug these and other legal aspects of the introduction of advanced technical solutions within the framework of experimental legal regimes, including ensuring the protection of intellectual property for the results of artificial intelligence algorithms. This problem is no longer from the future, it is becoming acute already now, ”summed up Vladimir Putin.

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