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Putin reached China amid Russia-Ukraine war, what will be the conspiracy against America-Europe, how much will India suffer?

Vladimir Putin in China : After becoming President for the fifth time, Russian President Vladimir Putin reached China on a 2-day visit on Thursday morning. Putin’s visit is taking place at a time when there is conflict in the West including Ukraine. This is a big sign of deepening relations between Moscow and Beijing. During this meeting both the leaders will discuss many big issues. According to CNN, the Gaza issue along with the Russia-Ukraine war are to be discussed in the meetings between Xi and Putin along with trade, security and energy relations.

Both countries are coming closer due to differences with the West. Just hours before Putin landed in Beijing, Ukrainian President Zelensky said he would cancel all upcoming foreign trips. Ahead of the visit, Putin praised the “unprecedented level of strategic partnership” between the countries in an interview with China’s state media Xinhua. Putin also praised China’s approach to the solution of Ukraine. Let us tell you that Beijing has never condemned Russia’s attack. China has said that the positions of both sides should be kept in mind. Since the beginning of the Russia–Ukraine conflict, the two leaders have continued to strengthen their countries’ diplomatic, trade and security ties.

Relations increased after the ban
After the war with Ukraine, America had imposed many sanctions on Russia, after which trade between Moscow and Beijing has increased. The Kremlin said on Tuesday that the two leaders are expected to sign several bilateral agreements. Both the countries will celebrate 75 years of their diplomatic relations.

Focus will be on many issues
This visit is being considered very special, because this is Putin’s first foreign visit after becoming President for the fifth time. And diplomatic relations between the two countries are completing 75 years. Russia would like to further strengthen its strategic partnership with China, given the situation of isolation in the West. Putin’s visit to Beijing in October was for the summit of the Belt and Road Initiative, a project aimed at connecting Asia with Africa and Europe by land and sea. It is widely seen as Xi Jinping’s pet project. Let us tell you that after the Ukraine war, America had imposed many sanctions on Russia, however, Russia also got support from many countries. China also presented Russia’s side in a subdued tone. Therefore this journey is being considered very important.

How much is India in danger?

China always claims Indian land, but Russia has always supported India in this matter. Russia is said to be a very strong friend of India, so if China tries to take any step against India, then Russia will definitely support India there.


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