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Put this sticker of Rs 45 on your phone, do anything without pressing a button, share

New Delhi: tips and tricks for smartphone: If you want to buy the latest smartphone that has more than one feature. But, not all features work for you. They can also control your phone. Today we are informing you about one such product. Which can help you control your phone. You may have often heard of the phone’s NFC support. But, you may not know how it works. There is a sticker attached to it. Which is called an NFC sticker. It costs only Rs 45. Learn how it works.

What is NFC Stickers
The full form of NFC is near-field communication. This is a special kind of technology. Which supports smartphones. This allows a connection of 4cm or less to the phone. You can send media files, contacts, etc. to another phone. This is very much needed today.

You can buy it for only Rs
It is available for sale on Amazon. This sticker comes with 144 bytes of memory. The set of 10 stickers is Rs 450. Comes in many company tags. But, we have stated a lower price. So LINQS® NTAG213 is a Rewritable NFC Tag Sticker. This chip is re-programmable. It can be reprogrammed 100,000 times. This chip comes with read only. It has a locking feature. It works like a paper surface. This includes UID mirroring. It can easily stick to your phone. These tags work on all phones. Which comes with NFC feature.

What is special features
It lets you easily send text, URLs, social media, videos, photos or contacts to any phone. All you have to do is put the support phone on this sticker. If you want to transfer, you can do so. It can also be locked. This product is very much liked by the users. This is not common. But, with the help of NFC tags, you can transfer many files from one phone to another with media files, contacts, and Wi-Fi networks.

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