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Pure EV electric scooter catches fire again, second month in a row

Amidst the increasing popularity of electric two wheelers, the incidents of fire in these have increased the safety concerns of the people. The matter of fire that broke out in the electric scooter of Ola Electric is now under government investigation. We recently told you that Okinawa is recalling more than 3,000 units of its Praise Pro electric scooters to fix potential battery issues. Meanwhile, another electric scooter has caught fire. This time the fire is in the electric scooter of Pure EV.

A video related to the fire incident in the electric scooter of Pure EV has been shared on YouTube. Watching this video shared on April 18, it is seen that the fire in the scooter started from the bottom, where the battery is setup. It engulfed the entire scooter. The flames were very strong and large. The damage caused in this incident is not yet known.

According to the reports, this is not the first case of Pure EV electric scooter catching fire. So far there have been four such incidents. First, in September last year, two electric scooters of the same model caught fire. This incident happened in Hyderabad. Last month too, an electric scooter of the company caught fire in Chennai.

The latest incident is being reported from Warangal in Telangana, in which a red colored Pure EV Pluto scooter was engulfed in flames. It can be seen in the video that when the scooter caught fire, it was parked on the roadside. Many people standing far away were watching the incident, some of whom recorded the video.

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Recently, there was a case of fire in an electric scooter in Okinawa. A video showed that the Okinawa dealership was gutted in a blaze shortly after the fire broke out. In this regard, the company said in a statement to Gadgets 360 that ‘Please note that the fire was caused by a power short circuit in the panel wiring in the building. The dealership has also confirmed what the company said in the statement. The company has also recalled more than 3,200 scooters in the last week to check and fix issues related to battery security.


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