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PUBG will return with BGMI, Krafton may soon be banned

The popular mobile game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) may soon return to the mobile screens of gaming enthusiasts. The central government can lift the ban on the publisher of this game, Krafton, by the end of this year. Few players with access to the game are aware of Krafton’s plans to bring the game back. However, these players do not have access to the updates.

About two years ago, the government banned many Chinese apps, including PUBG, after tensions on the border with China increased. BGMI was removed by service providers Google and Apple. Krafton’s launch of a new BGMI player support channel on YouTube game There are signs of coming soon. There are many videos related to this on the website of the firm. Four videos have been posted on YouTube giving information about this game. These include addressing questions related to banning accounts, as well as payment and benefits for ‘Prime’ and ‘Prime Plus’.

Krafton is working to bring the game back to the country. The government has not banned BGMI because people have access to the game. However, this game was removed by Google and Apple and due to this its updates are not available to the players. PUBG can be published through any other portal. Crafton has hit millions of players’ accounts this year ban have put. This South Korean firm takes action every week against users who cheat in the game. A permanent ban is imposed on players who use illegal programs to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

In order to provide a better gaming environment to the users, the firm bans accounts that have downloaded the game from an unofficial source or have illegal programs installed on their device. Illegal programs refer to those programs that spoil the experience of other players and try to take extra advantage in the game.

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