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Proven Benefits of Playing Games for Work Skills

Scientists have found that virtual characters help players develop the necessary skills just like real people. In other words, situations simulated in a game allow people to develop leadership qualities in the same way as if they happened in reality. More details – in the translation of the article on “Habré”.

A team of scientists from the Laboratory of User Interface Technologies at the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) found out how effective virtual characters are in developing a person’s leadership qualities. To do this, the researchers created eight avatars, when interacting with which the participants were either completely immersed in the game (virtual reality), or partially (mixed reality). In total, 30 people took part in the experiment, who were divided into three groups.

It turned out that both those who interacted with avatars in virtual reality and those who were in mixed reality developed leadership skills. However, for those who conducted meetings in mixed reality, progress was more noticeable. At the same time, an important fact is that even when communicating with characters, people, as when interacting with real interlocutors, improved their skills.

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